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My St. Patrick’s Nails! Always wanted to try these! Looks awesome! (Sorry 4 bad quality)
This is an old little mani I did last year. 

I’m so happy with this beautiful baroque design. Inspired by Stana Katic’s dress from the People’s Choice Awards 2014. 

Used a transparent ´Glow in the dark´ top coat. (Doesn’t show very good in the pic but they are amazing)

(Sorry 4 the bad quality pics)

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Cute Ombré (second time I tried this technique and think it went out pretty cool!)

(sorry for the bad quality pics)

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Ukrainian Manicure. ( The letters are U.E.S., in English it have to be “Ukraine - EU” ) (not so amazing but still like it) 

This was my New Year Mani!

(Sorry 4 posting late)

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Cute gold mani with glitter tips.
Found a shitty old photo, lol.

My Prom nails. Inspired in this beautiful night gown I used for the party. 

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Decoración de uñas a domicilio Anas

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Finally tried this cute floral. Think it went out great! :D ??

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Hey guys! Just if you’re interested check the links above to find my other blogs and cool stuff :)


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I finally found Caviar and was really excited to use it so this thingy came out! :P  What do you think?

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