З днем Незалежності  !!! Happy Independence Day my beautiful  ! Я тебе люблю моя далека країна!

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Cute & fierce violet nails with Revlon’s Moon Candy, a touch of glitter and rhinestones. 

(more Nail Art on nails-girls-obsession)

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Oh Gawwd! How much I love this!!! It went out so fucking cuteeee! 

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Doesn’t these look lovely?? I wasn’t in the mood to make something better :(

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It looks like an opal!!
LOL! Never thought about that! You’re so right! XP

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Omg so beautiful An!! ❤️
Awww, thank you! I’m so happy you like it :D

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Always wanted to try these little cuties and gave them a little personal touch. I’m in love with how the went! :D ?
I’ve been really busy these days studying for my exams so as you understand I didn’t have really much time for my nails, Decide to use these pretty stickers I’d bought a long time ago and never touched them, lol. Looks pretty good :) ?

I finally found Revlon’s “Moon Candy”  but tried it on a lighter base. Didn’t get to take the picture as I wanted, it doesn’t look so good as in person. 

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Used a cute nail polish that changes with the light as a base. I found it in a bazaar and could resist to buy it and with these lovely flowers, I think my mani looks pretty good :) ?

loving this :)
Awwwwww, thanks :D you made my day! :D :D :D

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Confetti for my Queen! #HappyBirthdayAdele (x)

Re done my Adele’s Grammy 2012 nails.

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Rainbow Dots. This mani is crazy as fuck for me, but I love how it came out!!!

Red mani with glitter tips. Used for the first time my B-day present: Lancome, Vernis in Love, Flirty Red (575).

(sorry for the chipped tips, I got late a camera to took a good pic)

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